Memories of Yuri Gagarin

Recount your meeting or memories of Yuri Gagarin. Let us know if it had any influence on your life!

Professor John Zarnecki was given the day off school to see Yuri Gagarin visit the tomb of Karl Marx at Highgate Cemetary. This experience later inspired him to follow a career in Space Science and lead an instrument team for the Huygens Probe, which touched down on Saturn's moon, Titan, in 2005.

Roy Darbyshire asked Gagarin what the stars looked like in space and took an opportune photograph when Gagarin visited Metropolitan Vickers in Manchester.

Thousands of people met or saw Gagarin during his visit to the UK.  Were you the young girl who presented Gagarin with flowers at the Russian Embassy? Are you the man that nearly walked into Gagarin as he climbed aboard the Rolls Royce taking him through London? Did you "just happen" to be somewhere near at the time?  Or has Gagarin's story been an inspiration in your life? 

We'd love to know! As part of the YuriGagarin50 project, we are trying to bring together these stories and memories to develop as detailed a picture as possible of Gagarin's visit to the UK. If you have a time and place (however approximate) it will help us. If you have a photograph, and wish it to be shown on the website, please upload it.

During the coming months we will bring this information together as an interactive map, so that you and other participants can recall and find out more about the exciting events of 1961.

Please use the form below to fill in the whatever details you can, and click the "Submit" button when done. Please include an e-mail address, if possible, so that we can confirm the receipt of your information and contact you should other information be of interest to you or if we need to confirm details.  Who knows, you may be the missing person we were looking for in one of those historic photographs!

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