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11 April 2011 - BBC World Service - Discovery Special - Yuri Gagarin (available to listen again on BBC i-player from 19:05 on 11 April)

10 April 2011 - BBC4 Documentary - Storyville - Knocking on Heaven's Door (available to watch on BBC i-player until 21:59 Sun, 17 Apr 2011)

10 April 2011 - BBC4 Documentary - Destination Titan (available to watch on BBC i-player until 21:59 Tue, 19 Apr 2011)
In this story behind the UK involvement in the Huygen's mission to Titan, Prof John Zarnecki talks about how seeing Gagarin in 1961 inspired his career choices.


3rd April 2011 - The Independent - Yuri Gagarin: The Man Who Fell to Earth

23rd March 2011 - The Independent - Statue of first man in space gets lift-off in London, 50 years late

23rd March 2011 - The Daily Mail - Statue of Yuri Gagarin to be put up in London 50 years after Russian became first man to journey into space

7th March 2011 - Good Morning Scotland - Memories sought of Yuri Gagarin's way into space

Listen to the broadcast item

10th October 2010 - AstrotalkUK - Episode 36: Yuri Gagarin's visit to Manchester and London in July 1961

Chris Welch, Chair of YuriGagarin50 campaign, talks to Gurbir Singh on the AstrotalkUK podcast


25th June 2010 - BBC Manchester - Manchester Writer Inspired by Gagarin Travels to Moscow

Science fiction writer, Richard Evans, talks about his trip to the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Moscow and how Gagarin's visit to his father's factory in Manchester inspired his interest in space.



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