From Russia with Love ...

Dave and Chris at IBMPDr David A Green and Christopher Gaffney at IBMPSpace Physiology & Health MSc student Christopher Gaffney, from King's College London, has been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to conduct his summer research project within the world renowned Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow. One of the key research endeavours is the MARS 500 simulation that seeks to explore the physiological and psychological challenges of a manned mission to Mars. The international 'crew' comprises of three Russians, two Europeans and one Chinese who shall live and work within the isolation facility representative of a space craft (and Martian surface) for 520 days. Chris will join the group analyzing the efficacy of various exercise countermeasures on performance during the mission.

Chris and programme director Dr David A Green were extended a wonderfully warm welcome from staff and students at the Institute, both within the lab but also around the extensive historic and cultural sights of Moscow.

This opportunity coincides with the UK-Russia Year of Space, which seeks to promote the benefits of space research in both countries, 50 years after Yuri Gagarin's momentous flight.

CHAPS hope to build upon this exciting opportunity both in terms of teaching and research as humankind enters a new international age of exploration.





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