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YuriGagarin50 is an umbrella for activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's spaceflight on 12th April 2011.  All sorts of activities are being planned across the UK, including exhibitions in museums and art galleries, talks, hands-on workshops, charity fund-raisers and competitions. 

If you are organising an event and would like to see it listed in our events calendar, please contact office [at]

We encourage widespread use of the YuriGagarin50 logo by individuals and groups who organise or support YuriGagarin50 activities.

An "activity" is here understood to be an event, exhibit, lecture, performance, commercial or promotional product, print or electronic publication, or other creation intended to advance the aims of YuriGagarin50 as described elsewhere on this website.

In order to use the YuriGagarin50 logo you need to provide your contact information, the URL of your YG50-related website, as well as a brief description of your activity (including time and place) or product to office[at] .

If you use the YuriGagarin50 logo on a website or in any other electronic publication that supports hyperlinks, you should link to

As a general rule, the YuriGagarin50 logos should not be modified.

YuriGagarin50 reserves the right to revoke the use of the logo by any individual or group at any time for any reason, and you agree to promptly comply with any such revocation.

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