Robin Hutchinson – Whiteshirt Communications

Katherine Jarrett – Royal Society

Aron Kisdi – UKSEDS

Dr Marek Kukula – Royal Observatory Greenwich

Dr Rob Lafrenais – Arts Catalyst/IAF Tech Committee on Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITTACUS)

Jon London – Out of this World Learning

Nahum Mantra – Arts Catalyst/ITTACUS

Robert Massey – RAS

Dick Millard – Ely Place Communications

Doug Millard – Science Museum

Pat Norris – RAeS

Richard Osborne – SET

Lesley Paterson – Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr Chris Riley – Independent TV and Film Maker

Alistair Scott – EADS Astrium

Nick Spall – UK Human Spaceflight Campaign

Dr Quentin Stanley - HPS

Jerry Stone – Spaceflight UK

Mike Stubbs – Foundation for Art and Creative Technology

Bee Thakore – BigOnGood/SET

Caitlin Watson – Institute of Physics

Dave Wright – UKSC/SET

Simon Yarwood – IET


We are also indebted to the late Rex Hall (BIS). He was an early adopter of this programme and looked forward to its fruition. He and his encouragement is very much missed. is a portal celebrating Yuri Gagarin's flight into space. | login